Kindness RPC
Otford, United Kingdom | Jan 15 2013


The story posted by Cindy below reminds me of a time when my wife and I moved out to China in 1986 to study Mandarin. We had two small children, aged two and one, and our living conditions were very far from ideal. As students we were in the same accommodation as single students, two spartan rooms off a corridor with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Settling a family into this lifestyle was tough. China was still in the process of emerging from the Mao years; food was rationed and what was served in the university canteens was poor quality – inedible as far as we were concerned. On the second or third morning after our arrival I went down to the canteen and returned with nothing to eat. We had no food in our cupboard and had two hungry toddlers to feed. Then one of the foreign students, an American Christian, came to our room with a few apples and pears. It was a small gift but it was one of many small God-incidents that gave us the encouragement to keep going during our first few weeks in China.