Patience Ronald
Otford, United Kingdom | Jan 21 2013


In 1963 a young Indian man, Thomas Mathews, aged 19, boarded a train in Kerala, south India, headed for Delhi, a four day journey away. In his pocket was a one-way ticket bought for him by the principal of his Bible College. In Delhi someone else paid for him to travel on to Udaipur, Rajasthan. He was there because he had heard that Christians in north India were being persecuted for their faith and he wanted to share the gospel with the people. In Udaipur he knew no-one. He knew neither the language, nor the culture. He lived from day to day, walking from house to house, selling Christian literature to anyone interested. He was beaten and arrested, but he always saw God provide for him. After two years the first convert was baptized and the church slowly began to grow. After 10 years there was a church of around 70 and the ministry started to reach out into other regions. Today there are 700 people in the Udaipur congregation and 1500 churches around north India connected to the Udaipur church. (As told to Ronald Clements by Paul Mathews, Udaipur, 2011)