Peace Ronald
Otford, United Kingdom | Jan 17 2013


In the violence that followed the presidential elections in Kenya in December 2007, agitators from one of Kenya’s ethnic groups entered a mixed community and killed members of another group. The next day the men of this second group gathered in the market place determined to exact their revenge – not on the perpetrators of the violence but on their community neighbours who were from the same group as their attackers. The women and children were told to stay in their houses until the carnage was over. One of the Christian women in the community joined with a friend in prayer against what was about to happen. While she prayed she felt she must intervene, not just pray. So she stepped outside her house and went down to the market. There she challenged the men. ‘What do you think you are doing here? God has called us to be peacemakers. If blood is shed today, then more blood will be shed. Go to your homes – now. I will not move from here until everyone of you has gone.’ She looked into the faces of each of the men. One by one they returned home until she was left alone in the market. (As told to Ronald Clements by Gladys Mwiti, Nairobi, 2012)