Kindness Ian
Christmas Pie, Normandy, United Kingdom | Nov 24 2012 This illustrates: Psalm 25:9


A BBC sound engineer once told me about an assignment he and his crew had been given - to interview two well known evangelical Christians. The sound engineer was not a Christian but he was clearly puzzled by how it is possible that Christianity could produce such different types of leaders. The first one (nameless) had very little time for the film crew and clearly was too important to care for them. The BBC man was so irritated by the experience he nearly dropped out of the next days filming. But he went along anyway and discovered “an elderly man in a cardigan who opened the door personally of his little flat”. Apparently it was John Stott. John led them all up some winding stairs to his little lounge. He had had a cake made for them and the kettle was already boiled for a cup of tea, which he served to each one of them. The BBC engineer was stunned by this great man’s humility and care for people he did not know. Truly an example of a servant-leader who had been reshaped into the image of Christ.