About Langham Partnership

What is The Langham Partnership?

Langham Partnership (UK and Ireland) is a national member of the international family known simply as Langham Partnership. This is a global fellowship working in pursuit of the vision God entrusted to its founder John Stott - to facilitate the growth of the church in maturity and Christ-likeness through raising the standards of biblical preaching and teaching.

The name ‘Langham’ derives from All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, where John Stott ministered for 60 years. The organisation is now international and inter-denominational, developed and supported through a growing community of countries in every continent of the world.


Our vision  is to see churches equipped for mission and growing to maturity in Christ through the ministry of pastors and leaders who believe, teach and live by the Word of God.

Our mission  is to strengthen the ministry of the Word of God through:

  • nurturing national movements for training in biblical preaching
  • multiplying the creation and distribution of evangelical literature
  • strengthening the theological training of pastors and leaders by qualified evangelical teachers


Our ministry

  • Langham Preaching partners with national leaders to nurture indigenous biblical preaching movements for pastors and lay preachers all around the world. With the support of a team of trainers from many countries, a multi-level programme of seminars provides practical training, and is followed by a programme for training local facilitators. Local preachers’ groups and national and regional networks ensure continuity and ongoing development, seeking to build vigorous movements committed to Bible exposition.


  • Langham Literature provides majority world pastors, scholars and seminary libraries with evangelical books and electronic resources through grants, discounts and distribution. This ministry also fosters the creation of indigenous evangelical books for pastors in many languages, through training workshops for writers and editors, sponsored writing, translation, strengthening local evangelical publishing houses, and investment in major regional literature projects, such as one volume Bible commentaries like The Africa Bible Commentary.


  • Langham Scholars provides financial support for evangelical doctoral students from the majority world so that, when they return home, they may train pastors and other Christian leaders with sound, biblical and theological teaching. This ministry equips those who equip others. Langham Scholars also works in partnership with majority world seminaries in strengthening evangelical theological education. A growing number of Langham Scholars study in high quality doctoral programmes in the majority world itself. As well as teaching the next generation of pastors, graduated Langham Scholars exercise significant influence through their writing and leadership.


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Langham Partnership UK and Ireland is a U.K. registered charity (Charity No. 1092233) and a company limited by guarantee (No. 4235957).